The Hope of India! -Tejas Asia-

The Hope of India! -Tejas Asia-

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Have you ever been to India?
The Capital city: New Delhi,
There is an NPO organization called Tejas Asia!
They are providing education, food and medical care
so that under-served women and children can have p
ractical hope.

Our Lifehouse has opportunity to support their mission
with empowering and financially giving.
We also take the opportunity to send teams every year.
From Lifehouse Sapporo, 2 people joined the trip this year!
Let’s hear from them!

Q. What have you been doing?

It felt like I was a kindergarten teacher!
Playing with kids, teaching, serving food, and playing some more!

Q. What remained in your heart?
· Smile of children and their big welcome!
· Deliciousness of Indian curry and chai. .
· I was offering for this cause, but I didn’t have an image what help it could be. This time I could watch and use the buses and wells, I understood how big help we can do today for their future!
· When we gathered and sang songs for God,
I felt that we were full of LOVE!
Q. Why would you like to support Tejas Asia?
· Many children’s lives and future were changed through this support. Now parents are beginning to change as well.
I want to see what comes next!
· They are my family, I always want to support them!
Q. Please encourage people who think they would like to participate mission trip next year!
· Your world and your thoughts will enlarge! You can have special experience that no other trip can do!
· You will find what is important and what is not.
I think you can see how God works in the world!
 ***Tejas Asia’s main activities ***
1) Hope School · · · Establish school in New Delhi, provide basic education and meals to village children.

2) School bus -For the children who live far away from school. Visit communities by bus and provide education and food. Using bus as a classroom.


3) Medical bus · · Provide health care for communities

4) Hope Academy ·・ Provide young people and women the opportunity to learn skills and leadership

For more details, click here


At Lifehouse,
we can offer donations to Tejas Asia throughout the year!
We also do mission trip once a year,
if this interests you, feel free to tell us so!


Yes, you will be enriched in every way
so that you can always be generous.
( 2Corinthians 9:11a NLT)