7steps To Financial Freedom!

7steps To Financial Freedom!

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Have you ever struggled
to manage your finances?
What God is saying about money in Bible?

Based on Dave Ramsey’s
“Total Money Makeover”,
Ps. Joshua O’Sullivan presented
7 key steps for Financial Freedom
with Godly wisdom!
We hope these tips will be a help for you!

Matthew 25:23 (NIV)
23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

God wants to give you a freedom that
allows you to give others generously!
As a first step,
He wants us manage well
what we already have.

STEP 1. Get A Plan For Your Money
(Average timeline-1week)

Lets make a Zero-based budgeting!

Sample Budget (Let’s try to figure out your plan! The percentage is an exemple!)

Work Income ___________
Other Income ___________
## TOTAL INCOME (100%) ______ ##

Tithes (10%) ___________
Investing (15%) ___________
Savings (5%) ___________
Kids College (5%) ____________
Extra Giving (5%) ____________
## TOTAL OVERFLOW (40%) ______ ##

Housing (25%) ___________
Utilities(10%) ___________
Food (10%) ___________
## TOTAL NEEDS (45%) _____ ##

Eating Out (2.5%) ___________
Misc (2.5%) ___________
## TOTAL WANTS (5%) ______ ##

Life Insurance (2.5%) ___________
Health Insurance (5%) ___________
Pension (2.5%) ___________
## TOTAL INSURANCE (10%) _____ ##

= 0

A budget is telling your money
where to go, not wondering
where it went! -John Maxwell

STEP 2. Save a Beginner Emergency Fund
(Average timeline-One month)

Keep 100,000yen away for Unexpected things not going into the monthly budget
(Injury, mobile phone broke,etc.)

STEP 3. Get Out of Debt –
The Borrower Is Slave To The Lender
(Average timeline-Two years)

Scholarships are also part of debt.
When you are in this step,
you should be loyal to return debts. Stop eating out,
return debts as soon as possible!

STEP 4. Save a Full 3-6 Month Emergency Fund
(Average timeline-6 months)

Even if you suddenly lose your job,
you can choose next job
without financial fear.


STEP 5. Invest for the Future
(Average timeline-Ongoing)


STEP 6. Pay Off Your House Early
(Average timeline-15 years)


STEP 7. Build Wealth,Be Incredibly Generous and Leave A Legacy
(Average Timeline – After Step 6)

Which step are you in?
Don’t wait any longer,
let’s take a step for Financial Freedom!


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